Our Fab Story

Who is NHT Skin & Hair Care Co.?
NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. specializes in formulating, developing and manufacturing high quality, clean, natural and organic luxury skin and hair cosmeceutical products.
Our Purpose & Mission
Our purpose at NHT Skin and Hair Care Co. is to help those on their natural journey achieve healthy skin and hair with our products. Our company strives to reconnect our customers with high quality ingredients and effective clean, natural and organic skin and hair cosmeceutical products that nurture your mind, body and spirit with Nature's Hidden Treasures. 

NHT Skin & Hair Care co. takes pride in providing our customers products that have high-quality ingredients that are proven to be effective. NHT products strengthen, repair, moisturize, optimize and promote healthy skin and hair for everyone of all skin and hair types.

NHT Skin & Hair  Care Co.  has sold products all across the US. What sets NHT apart from our competitors is the intention, integrity, knowledge and skillsets that goes into our brand and products.


We are providing not only luxury cosmeceutical products but an experience that allows you to maintain your skin and hair care regimen on a regular basis with high quality natural products with integrity.

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