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NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. 

enhancing your natural beauty!

NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. specializes in formulating, developing and manufacturing high quality, clean, natural and organic luxury skin and hair cosmeceutical products. 

Our purpose at NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. is to promote confidence, self love and appreciation for the hair and skin you’re in. NHT strives to reconnect individuals with nature’s own hidden treasures.

Why choose NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. 

What sets NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. apart from our competitors is the pharmaceutical experience, the professional skill sets and the understanding of the science behind product formulation and compounding. Most importantly, the PASSION, INTENTION and INTEGRITY that goes into our brand and products. NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. takes pride in providing our customers products that are proven to be effective. We do not add fillers to our ingredients, which allows us to formulate our products with the highest potency for maximum results. We are also an all natural, vegan and cruelty free company.

What we are most proud of and excited for NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. is the growth and expansion our company has been able to accomplish thus far. NHT has sold many products all across the United States and we are looking forward to expanding even further in the future!

Tanisha Barnett | CEO of NHT Skin & Hair Care Co.

Meet the Creator

Tanisha BarnettCEO

Meet Tanisha Barnett. She is the award winning CEO of NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. Tanisha is a wife, mother of two and a serial Entrepreneur. She has a professional career background and experience in Pharmacy, Business Management and a deep passion for Horticulture. Tanisha is the State of Texas Pageant Director for the miss Juneteenth Pageants and she holds the title of Miss Juneteenth Austin 2007. She has presented at America's Biggest Business Networking and Educational Event, The Small Business Expo. Tanisha received  an Outstanding Leadership award for her community service efforts in Austin, TX by the NAACP and highlighted as one of the top 250 Most influential African Americans in Central Texas.

My Story

I Was a young woman dealing with a family who was struggling with skin and hair care issues. I fell in love with my childhood sweetheart, got married, had our children and that’s when the journey began. I tried many over the counter products to resolve their issues and nothing seemed to work. Being the problem solver that I am, I began to do research and created my own products. Our friends and family started to notice the changes and began requesting the products for their personal use. A close friend who fell in love with my products encouraged me to sell it. that’s how NHT Skin & Hair Care Co. was born.

A beauty product line everyone can enjoy!

 I want women to know that even as a wife and a mother, your dreams still matter and can be accomplished. I want Entrepreneurs to know that you can have it all! The love, the marriage, the family, the career, the life and the peace of mind that you desire to have, it just requires sacrifice and dedication!


The world needs what you have to offer and it’s okay to BE YOURSELF! I want the world to know that your imagination is real and dreams DO come true! So imagine the best things for yourself and to dream BIG!!


~Tanisha Barnett


What I want the world to know

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