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NHT highlights our muse for Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month from NHT Skin & Hair Care Co.!

Madam C.J. Walker

The wealthiest African-American businesswoman and wealthiest self-made black woman in America.


Madam C.J. Walker (born Sarah Breedlove; December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919) was an African American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political and social activist. She is recorded as the first female self-made millionaire in America in the Guinness Book of World Records.[1]

Walker made her fortune by developing and marketing a line of cosmetics and hair care products for black women through the business she founded, Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company. She became known also for her philanthropy and activism. At the time of her death, she was considered the wealthiest African-American businesswoman and wealthiest self-made black woman in America.

"Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come.

GET UP and MAKE them!"

- Madam C.J. Walker

Madam C. J. Walker has made a massive impact within the community with her philanthropy and activism. She has made an impact on the women she created opportunities for and by creating a blue print for the beauty industry. Her legacy lives on and continues to grow as the world learns about her. She leaves an astounding legacy behind that many will find inspirational and may pursue a similar path. She is the epitome of what it looks like to believe and follow your dreams and to never give up.

Madam C. J. Walker's legacy has encouraged to me to be tenacious about my dreams as I turn them into reality. To stay the course on my Entrepreneurship journey no matter the highs and lows. She's my constant reminder that it can be done no matter the circumstance. She teaches us that HARD WORK truly does pay off. Walker also leaves an amazing imprint and example of what the true meaning of sisterhood really is and the importance of pouring into one another. Win ONE wins, We ALL win!

"Whatever success I have attained has been the result of much hard work and many sleepless nights."

-Madam C.J. Walker

What I've learned through Madam C.J. Walker's Entrepreneurship journey is that the DREAM requires the WORK. Everyday that I wake up and work on NHT, I'm always asking myself "What is the legacy that I am building and leaving behind? I am building and leaving a legacy of integrity, intention filled with purpose and passion. I value her drive and dedication to her community, to women and most importantly to the industry. She reminds me to stay grounded and focused on the goal and to remember that the purpose of it all is bigger than myself.

This is why it's important to support small businesses. It's not about supporting "black Lives matter" or just purchasing a product, service or supporting a Entrepreneur... It creates jobs and opportunities, helps build the communities, closes the racial wealth gap and empowers local communities.

Entrepreneurs are important to market economies because they can act as the wheels of the economic growth of the country. By creating new products and services, they stimulate new employment, which ultimately results in the acceleration of economic development. You're contributing to building a legacy that can impact the world for the greater good... Just like Madam C.J. Walker, myself and so many other amazing entrepreneurs chasing their goals.

"I am building and leaving a legacy of integrity and intention filled with

purpose and passion."

-Tanisha Barnett

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